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    Kavya Thapar Instagram photos and videos Latest

    Kavya Thapar is an Indian actress known for her work in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi films. Born on August 20, 1995, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Thapar has established herself in the Indian film industry with her diverse roles and acting skills. She started her career with the Hindi short film "Tatkal" in 2013, marking her entry into the entertainment world.

    Kavya made her debut in the Tamil film industry with "Market Raja MBBS" in 2019, directed by Saran. The film was her first major role in Tamil cinema, showcasing her versatility and talent as an actress. Following "Market Raja MBBS," she continued to make her mark in the Tamil film industry with "Pichaikkaran 2," where she starred alongside Vijay Antony, further solidifying her position as a talented actress in regional cinema.

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    Apart from her work in Tamil cinema, Kavya Thapar has also made significant contributions to the Telugu film industry. She appeared in the Telugu film "Ek Mini Katha" in 2021, playing the role of Amrutha. This film, among others, highlights her ability to adapt to different roles and genres, making her a versatile actress in the Indian film industry.

    In addition to movies, Kavya Thapar has also been featured in advertisement films for various brands, demonstrating her appeal and versatility as a performer. With her talent and dedication, Kavya continues to be a rising star in Indian cinema, contributing significantly to both Tamil and Telugu film industries​

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