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    If you are a promoter and want us to cover your latest media, be it games, TV, film or music, then drop us an email or alternatively you can use the contact form below.

    Tollywood Information  is a publishing agency that works within the ‘short film circuit’. We review short films, documentaries, music videos and web series, amongst others. We stand out amongst the short film review sites for being multi-diverse & global in our platform and reach.
    Our team works tirelessly to help promote, publicize and market your short films that deserve the shout-out! Besides reviews, we host film festival news as it’s a known fact that the film festival buzz is unmissable and we ensure you aren’t left behind!
    We aspire to form a niche for ourselves as the ‘short film magazine’ that remains the hub for filmmakers & their audience.
    Do you have a story for us? We would love to hear from you. Press releases can be mailed to us at honeywebsolutions@gmail.com.

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