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    Renu Desai On Kids : Not Pawan's Blood, My Blood

    Renu Desai, the former wife of Pawan Kalyan, has made shocking comments on her Instagram post. These remarks of Renu have become hot topic. It all began when Renu has recently posted a picture of her kids Aadya and Akira on her insta page. Sharing the picture, the Badri actress commented, "You can count on me...like 1 2 3...and I'll be there..." She further wrote, "Aadya & Akira crazy fellows but mine"

    While the post got so much likes and positive comments from fans, one of Pawan Kalyan's fans commented that it is because of Pawan Kalyan's blood. To this, Renu Desai responded saying, "They are my blood."
    Renu further defended that the kids belong to her as it is her blood which runs in them. Renu went onto cite the science and technicalities behind this. She said she doesn't need to explain further to people who know the science.

    Meanwhile, another fan asked Renu Desai why she is responding to the comments of some fans and asked her to ignore. To this Renu said she could let go other comments, but she said she can't let go comments that talk about motherhood. Renu's emotional response revealed how emotional and sensitive person she is at heart. But her comments that the kids are "not Pawan's blood" is certainly going to irk Pawan's fans.

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