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    Fans Excited With Prabhas Shedding Loads Of Weight

    The biggest complaint regarding Prabhas' Saaho is that the hunk hero appeared in different sizes in different scenes. That means, for each schedule, weight of the Baaahubali star kept changing. But finally, he has put on lots of weight and that is clearly visible in his face as well.

    Though many thought that Prabhas is going ahead with "Jaan" shoot with the same bulked up physique, it looks like the actor realised his mistake. As he postponed the shoot of Jaan due to various reasons including that of script changes, he has decided to use this time to set his look right. And here he is.

    Other day when Prabhas appeared before cameras to appreciate Mathu Vadalara team, the superstar has really stunned everyone. Earlier he is super heavy, but after his USA tour and Mumbai trip, he lost oodles of weight which is clearly visible now. And his trim look coupled with spects and other accessories is surely a stunner.

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    No doubt, fans are going gung-ho about the darling and his latest look.

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