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    Arnab goswami

    Arnab Goswami was born in Assam Guwhati on October 9, 1973. He was born in a family of well known jurists. Rajani Kanta Goswami, his paternal grandfather; was a lawyer, independent activist and a well known leader in the National Congress Party. Gauri Shankar Bhattacharya, his maternal grandfather, was a leader in the opposition political group of Assam. He also received the award Asam Sahitya Sabha Award as a writer. Goswami’s father Manoranjan, was a Colonel in the Indian army.

    Before being a part of NDTV,  Arnab Goswami commenced his journalism career in The Telegraph at the city of Calcutta.  But he worked with the daily for under a year.  During the same year (1995), he shifted his career to broadcasting daily news at NDTV. He also worked on a program called ‘News Tonight’ for DD Metro.  He was involved in the transitioning of NDTV 24/7 into the 24 hour slot in 1998.  The Newshour show on NDTV was the longest running news analysis show from 1998 to 2003. Being a senior editor, he was responsible for the entire editorial content of the channel. He was also the host of Newsnight, another news analysis program on NDTV which won him an award for the Best News Anchor Asia in 2004, at the Asian Television Awards.

    Loved and loathed equally,  Goswami changed the game for news reporting and news analysis after he took over as the editor-in-chief and anchor for Times Now in 2006. In his own words,  after the experience of 26/11,  he decided that a journalist couldn’t afford to be objective and disjointed; he has to exercise his opinion and become a person of influence in order to bring out change. . In this program he has taken interview of many famous personalities like Parvez Musharraf, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Rahul Bajaj.

    Post 2008, the Newshour aired at 9PM became deafeningly argumentative with Arnab arguing with the panelists and giving strong rebuttals. His interference and cutting down people from talking, invited criticisms. Nevertheless, because of Goswami’s playing to the gallery approach and cross-examining facts earned Times Now’ program ‘The Newshour’ the tag of being the most widely watched news program on television.

    Arnab Goswami is married to Pipi Goswami.  The two became friends when they were studying at The Hindu College.  Besides, she was a Bengali, she  found it too communicate with most of her batchmates who knew Assamese.  On the other hand, Arnab was familiar with both languages. It is said that she proposed him after she found him to be quite helpful and caring by nature.  The two got married in the mid90s, after Arnab came back from the UK.

    Well, as per reports in caknowledge.in, Arnab Goswami has an estimated net worth of 383 crores and his monthly salary is reportedly more than 1.5 crores. Now readers, that’s some seriously big money ain’t it? Let us know your views in the comments below. For more updates, stay tuned IWMBuzz.com

    Arnab Goswami Net Worth 2021 – Salary, Income, Assets, Career Arnab Goswami Net Worth is $ 36 Million Which is Rs. 269 Crore INR. Arnab Goswami is the Indian News Anchor/Chief Editor of Republic Bharat.

     Arnab Goswami (Earning: Approx 12 crore per annum) Arnab Goswami is another popular English news presenter in India who became famous for his one-liner ‘the nation wants to know’. After working as an Editor-in-Chief of Times Now for several years, Goswami stepped down to establish his own news channel Republic TV.

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