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    Rashmika Irks With Her Overaction

    The onscreen cuteness of heroines is often enjoyed by the audience and if that crosses the limit onscreen and overflows to off-screen, then that looks awful. The so-called cute acts of Rashmika Mandanna in Sarileru Neekevvaru are enjoyed by the audience and who disliked her overaction are more in number.

    Looks like the actress found the limit line blurred and she irked the audience at Bheeshma pre-release event to the most. Rashmika Mandanna went on to speak on random things that absolutely made no sense in the end.

    Rashmika could not catch the hints from the presenter Suma when the latter said it is enough and time to give the mic back. The Bheeshma actress tried to cash on the event and stage to ask Dil Raju and Trivikram for chances in their next films, which looked a bit absurd.

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    When the lead actor Nithiin finished off his speech quickly and even when Trivikram wrapped up his speech with a great choice of words, Rashmika's double-digit speech time on stage left the audience and guests irritated. Actor Brahmaji too trolled her with his gestures of falling asleep and Rashmika was not in a mood to understand that also.

    If she gives two more speeches of this kind, her admirers too may find it ludicrous. On-screen too, Rashmika needs to act better than trying to appear goofy all the time just because Sarileru Neekevvaru was a success. We have seen how the audience disapproved of Genelia's overaction in Orange when the same audience found it cute and adorable in Bommarillu

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    1. It is inevitable that young celebs will irk someone in one way or another, hopefully she ages like wine and not like milk though haha.