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    Director Got Irritated With Anu Emmanuel's Behaviour

    The latest thriller sensation Psycho garnered all great reviews and the director Mysskin is being showered applause for his film making. The movie Psycho was doing extremely well at Box office too and the director has been enjoying the success.

    During one of his recent interviews at Psycho promotions, Mysskin revealed an interesting incident with actress Anu Emmanuel. The director worked with Anu Emmanuel for the film Thupparivaalan (Vishal's Detective in Telugu) and he shared the negative experience with her on the sets.

    During the film's shoot, Anu Emmanuel was wearing a kurta while the other actress in the film Andrea Jeremiah was wearing the jeans. According to Mysskin, Andrea has asked Anu Emmanuel to watch her step as her kurta might get stuck, for which Anu got furious and told Andrea to mind her job.

    This behavior of Anu Emmanuel irked Mysskin as he got really angry and shouted at her later, saying that Andrea has got a lot of experience and all she asked was to watch the step. He told that he really got so irritated that he wanted to smash a pumpkin on her head.

    Mysskin says that he did not have to face that kind of incident for Psycho, as all the actors in these films are mature enough. Mysskin will be starting his Thupparivaalan 2 very soon, in which Vishal will be reprising his lead role.

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