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    Creative Director's Arrogance Upsets Budding Actress

    Here comes another instance of this particular director openly showcasing his arrogance while his films are known for philosophy, life and lots of lectures. This time he is caught scolding a young budding actress, not using any cuss words, but showcasing his power on the stage.

    At a recent film event, when this budding actress is actually giving a speech, this particular director has just grabbed the mic from her. He stated that the function belongs to him and he won't let anyone talk whatever they want on the stage. As he kept saying that a couple of times, the actress simply passed the mic to another person.

    But in fact, young actresses like her get a bit of recognition and attention only if they open up at such events, but ripping them off their zeal to speak at such functions is very rude. We hear that the actress is quite upset and ran to another shoot immediately without meeting an eye with this director after the event.

    Those biggies amongst the audiences are said to have later told the director to tone down his arrogance as that is not good for his career.

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