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    RRR Pre-Release Business Kept On Hold

    Even before a film of a big star completes its first schedule, distributors throng to the offices of those producers in order to own the rights of certain areas. That's how even before the trailer of those biggies come out, all the theatrical business will be done.

    An interesting snippet is coming out that despite some biggest offers being doled out, the business of #RRR is not being done. Though distributors from many regions including that of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Bollywood are ready to chip in huge amounts to own the rights, producer DVV Danayya is not at all closing the deals of this film that stars Ram Charan, Jr NTR in the leads, and directed by SS Rajamouli. Wonder why?

    In fact, the film has Rajamouli working with Danayya on a partnership basis, and the director wants to have a say in the final calls related to the business. Then, Rajamouli don't want to close the business now because the director thinks that they could fetch more money after the trailer of the film releases rather selling it now.

    As the product is turning out to be sensational, surely Rajamouli's idea of playing the waiting game would definitely pay off. So keeping #RRR business on hold is a valid thing.

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