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    Pics: 'Colors' Swati in slim and trim look

    Fondly called as 'Colors Swati', Swathi Reddy tied the knot with her boyfriend Vikas Vasu, a Malayali pilot, in 2018. The happily married actress has now lost oodles of weight who became a bit chubbier post her marriage. Her new avatar is leaving her fans surprised and inspired.

    Taking her beautiful pictures to Instagram, Swati shared her slim look with her followers. The actress is seen smiling like always and wore a spaghetti top paired with slacks. Showing off her brand new healthy physique, Swathi is inspiring us with her amazing transformation.

    Known for her bubbly and jovial attitude, Swati's Instagram pictures are full of optimism and her happy go lucky nature tells that she lives like there is no tomorrow. Her lifestyle changes have now bought her intended results and the pictures are sure to inspire you to get back in shape!

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