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    Pic Talk: Punarnavi Goes Viral With Extra Hot Pics

    A couple of days back, #BiggBoss3 contestant, struggling heroine Punarnavi Bhupalam has stunned everyone with her yoga poses. Given the fact that her looks are no nearer to those yoga experts like Malaika Arora or Rakul Preet, surely her attire has made people go weak at their knees.

    Slipping into a Calvin Klien bra and yoga pants, Punarnavi made sure that she oozes loads of sex appeal in these pictures. As she shared them on Instagram stories a couple of days ago, the photos are going viral now everywhere. The whole of Tollywood folks are wondering what for this cute girl is indulging in lots of glamour show.

    Despite the fact that Punarnavi poured a lot of glamour inside Bigg Boss house and also in the photoshoots she has done after coming out of the show, there are no big offers that have fallen in her kitty. Some say that she is not ready to accept usual glamorous roles on the screen though she is ravishingly exploding in the shoots.

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