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    Why Making Bad Films And Then Apologising To Audience?

    With his debut film as a hero, "Software Sudheer" not even getting either reviews or appreciation from the audiences, comedian Sudigali Sudheer has broken to tears. He stated that the audience hasn't liked the film and promised to work more hard to impress them next time.

    The result of this film could be anticipated by looking at the trailer itself, as they have tried to stuff all the commercial masala ingredients and made it clumsy to watch. But the moot question here is, why make bad films in the first place and later apologise to audience? It is not just the case of Sudheer alone, eve Ram Charan responded in same fashion through a letter after Vinaya Vidheya Ram failed to click, and Allu Sirish tweeted in a similar way after ABCD looked at a disaster.

    Many times, while making the film itself, these heroes are prone to demand everything like songs-with-dances, special-elevation-scenes, fights, and other things that are actually not required for the story. And those elements are the ones that result in budget failure and also a content failure. Rather apologising and crying after a film's release, maybe taking care during scripting stages will help a lot. Prevention is better than cure!!

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