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    Puri Thinks Ramya Is Better Than Glamour Starlet

    Director Puri Jagan is always famous for casting veteran heroines for the roles of mothers and then bringing out the best of glamour from young heroines. However, he has done what sounded like a great miscast with his latest film, but regretted it soon, though it costs a bomb to his pocket.

    For his son Puri Akash's upcoming film "Romantic", actually Puri Jagan has brought in aged beauty Mandira Bedi, who is known for her extreme hotness. Actually there is no use of her bikini side as she is roped in to play the role of Akash's mother in the movie. Director Anil Paduri has carved all the scenes with Mandira and wrapped the shot.

    But after watching the rushes in the editing room, Puri is said to have felt that Mandira is okay as an eye-candy but failed to understand Telugu and emote accordingly. That made Charmi bring Ramya Krishna in her place and they have recently reshot the whole episodes. Known for her scintillating performance as Sivagami in the recent times, Ramya is said to have done a fab job for the role.

    Maybe this is the first time Puri got a film (though as only a producer) where he has reshot the whole thing just for the sake of an actor.

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