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    Parents Disappointed With Daughters' Fun In Pool

    Recently two heroines have stunned everyone with their splashy pictures from the swimming pool. Posing from the serene world, the two have flaunted their sexiest looks from the waters as they posed quite candidly in their skimpiest outfits.

    Reports are coming out that the parents of these two starlets are unhappy with the way their daughters are actually presenting themselves to the world. Though these types of pictures will be forgotten in no time as every day many heroines upload such pictures, their parents are said to be worried about how the prospects of the two actresses will come down with those acts.

    As these two hotties hail from the South, their parents are of the opinion that south audiences won't love to see local girls in bikinis. Though those pictures are not so ravishing, the parents are said to have taken a class to their daughters regarding those sensual pictures.

    As usual, the daughters don't care about those comments, and they went on sharing more such spicy pictures.

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