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    First Look: Bikini Treat From Ravi Babu's Crrush

    After tasting back-to-back disasters like Adhugo, Aaviri, Avunu 2 and Laddu Babu, director-actor Ravi Babu has been written off and dubbed as repetitive. With this, Ravi Babu seems to have decided to take break from the thrillers. He now banks on voyeurism and lust.

    Titled as 'Crrush', the title poster has been unveiled. It sees a girl in her perfect figure and size giving treat in two-piece bikini wear. Set against beach backdrop, the girl sizzles in blue and pink bikni avatar whereas the onlookers are lustful about the girl's physique. The girl's midriff and assets show has been highlighted.  Looks like, it is a CG made poster. Ravi Babu hasn't announced the cast of the film yet. Hence, the faces have been covered or hidden in the title poster.

    Ravi Babu isn't new to youthful and adolescent films. He has done it with Allari, Ammayilu Abbayilu at the start of the career. But going by the present title poster, looks like Ravi Babu is back to his roots again. As some sleazy and voyeuristic films like Cheekati Gadilo Chittakottudu, Yedu Chepala Katha have worked at the Box Office in 2019, looks like, Ravi Babu is now veering towards this genre. Let's wait and see, what would Ravi Babu offer from his youthful entertainer.

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